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I tell jokes IRL but am funnier OTI. This is not a Dolly Parton fansite. I host a monthly show in Portland called Midnight Ma$$ and write a column for The Willamette Week called Fresh Meat. I have two dead dads.
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WTF Podcast w/ Marc Maron: Episode 260 (Jake Johannsen). Download Link: Here.

Some serious shop talk goes down when Jake Johannsen gets together with Marc in the garage. Few people have better insights into the lives and experiences of stand-up comics than the prolific and vital Jake Johannsen. Marc and Jake try to get to the bottom of what it really means to be a professional comedian.

[Essential Listening for Bay Area comedy fans. Talks about Dirty Trix (nee Holy City Zoo) in intimate detail as well as comedy snobbery and the importance of being ahead of the times/curve/bend.]

Yes! One of my favorite WTFs ever.

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    Yes! One of my favorite WTFs ever.
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